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Are you interested in taking part
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Your personality attributes
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Why, when, where do you want to work?

Why do you want to work at ENGLISH BEST WAY?
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Do you prefer teaching children or adults?
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Are you prepared to conduct Business/
Grammar/Conversation classes?
If so, which?
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Where do you want to work?
(Tick at least 3):

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When do you want to work? Tick the proper boxes, please. 1 lesson=50min.
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
7 - 7:50
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8 - 8:50
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9 - 9:50
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10 -10:50
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11 - 11:50
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12 - 12:50
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13 - 13:50
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14 - 14:50
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15 - 15:50
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16 - 16:50
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17 - 17:50
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18 - 18:50
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19 - 19:50
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20 - 20:50
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What kind of transport do you use?

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How many hours a week do you want to teach? (hours/week)
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How much do you wish to earn? (GROSS PLN per 50 minutes lesson)
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Are you self-employed?
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If you are not offered a job now, would you be interested at a later date?
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